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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Chanakya Niti: Know who is man's true friend and biggest enemy…

Chanakya Niti is one of the great texts composed by Acharya Chanakya. 
In this book, Acharya has said many esoteric things to make human life happy. Which if a person adopts, then he can easily overcome all the big troubles, can find solutions in the difficulties and can stop many problems before they come. In one verse, Acharya has told man that what is his true friend, biggest enemy and biggest disease. If a person understands this, then life can be made much better.

1.   Acharya believed that there is no friend of a person greater than knowledge. A wise person understands the purpose of coming into the world well and does his work in a better way. He never indulges in worldly things. His knowledge shows him the right path in difficult times. Such a person is respected everywhere.

2. At the   same time, attachment is the biggest enemy of man. It is attachment that makes a person biased. Gets trapped in worldly things. Doesn't let him understand the basic purpose of life. Such a person keeps expectations from others and gets hurt. If you want to make life worthwhile, then keep yourself away from attachment.

3.   The biggest disease of man is lust. Such a person cannot concentrate his mind in any work. He always cares about the same thing. Lust for sex makes a person mentally ill and takes away his ability to think.

4.   There is no fire worse than anger. Anger is such a fire that burns a person from within and makes him hollow. Takes away his intellect. In anger, a person often takes wrong decisions, for which he has to repent later.

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