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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Do not make this mistake after taking the first dose of corona vaccine

Avoid cigarette-alcohol after taking the corona vaccine

According to the World Health Organization, people who smoke are at higher risk of contracting the coronavirus. Cigarette smoking lowers lung function and increases the risk of other respiratory illnesses.

Cigarette smoke harms antibodies

Doctor Vishakha, who is a nutritionist, said on his Instagram account that those who smoke should stop smoking after one dose of the vaccine. This is because cigarette smoke lowers the immune response to antibodies that are produced in our body after vaccination. He advised that cigarette PV is harmful after taking a dose of the vaccine.

Avoid alcohol before and after

vaccination Not only cigarettes but also alcohol should be avoided after vaccination. This is because our immune system, which is strengthened by the vaccine from alcohol consumption, seems to react less. Alcohol consumption should be avoided 2 to 3 days before vaccination. The person should abstain from alcohol for 45 days after taking the dose of the vaccine.

The doctor further said that at least 6 hours of sleep should be taken the night before the vaccine. Breathing exercises should be tried to relieve stress.

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