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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Covid-19: Do you use oxygen at home? So here are some things to keep in mind

Hospitals are in a very bad state due to the increasing outbreak of the corona virus. 
Where the lives of thousands of patients are in danger due to severe shortage of medicines, beds and oxygen. Many patients are losing their lives due to lack of oxygen. In this state of crisis, doctors are advising corona infected patients to manage oxygen levels at home but also with some caution.

Lack of oxygen and lung transition between the second wave of corona has become a common problem in patients. In such times, everyone has bought an oxygen cylinder and an oxygen concentrator machine at home. Some patients can be treated at home, experts say. But, if you are managing the oxygen level at home you need to be doubly cautious.

are helpful at home Oxygen use
After looking at the current situation, some health experts say that using oxygen at home is dangerous or can be said to be not very helpful. There are a few things to keep in mind if you are using oxygen at home and are infected with the corona virus.

When to use oxygen at home?
If you have an oxygen cylinder in your home, it should be preferred when your blood oxygen level (SpO2) is less than 93 percent. Our ideal oxygen level should be between 94 and 99 percent, if low you need oxygen.

Risk can occur at 100 percent saturation
Experts say that no oxygen therapy can immediately increase its level. Therefore, oxygen saturation between 88-92% should be ensured for Covid-19 patients. Experts also advise never to allow oxygen saturation to reach 100 percent, limiting it to 92 and 94.

According to the doctor, there is no benefit in having oxygen above 97%. This is because giving more oxygen than needed can lead to toxicity and make the patient sick. Also, using it this way will run out of resources soon.

oxygen In what situation is oxygen needed?
Randeep Guleria, chief doctor of Delhi AIIMS, recently asked people to be careful when using oxygen at home. According to Guleria, those whose oxygen saturation is between 92 or 94 do not need to take much oxygen. They will not benefit from taking more oxygen.

Even if the saturation is higher than 95, there is no need to take oxygen. It is necessary to monitor the oxygen level if it is less than 94, but even then it is not necessary that you need oxygen as the blood of a healthy patient has sufficient amount of oxygen even in this condition.

When do I need to go to the hospital?
Oxygen home therapy should pay attention to every danger sign. A coronary heart disease that can worsen a condition can be treated at the right time. Darkening of the lips, face and tongue, fainting and sleeping late are important signs of danger, when the patient needs a medical emergency as soon as possible.

This way the oxygen can be improved
Corona positive patients are advised to sleep upside down, also called prone position. Apart from this one is also asked to do yoga asanas (anulom-vilom-pranayama) of breathing exercises. You can improve your breathing by walking around the room during the day.

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