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Friday, May 7, 2021

COVID-19: Is your test positive? Know how many days after you can meet others

India is in the midst of a disastrous second COVID-19 wave which has put a lot of burden on the health structure of the country and the frontline warriors standing on the front i.e. doctors and medical staff. 
Due to COVID-19 cases, more than 4 lakh cases have been reported in the country in one day and more than 4 lakh cases have been seen on second consecutive day.

In the second wave, the double mutant strain is wreaking havoc and severely attacking the respiratory system of patients, due to which the need for oxygen support in hospitals across the country has increased manifold. However, many patients are recovering from this disease with prior consultation with doctors and proper medication in their homes.

Meanwhile, during this second wave of COVID-19, many questions are arising in the minds of people. Among them, the question is, for how long, a COVID-19 positive patient can spread this disease to others? Dr. Vineet Chadha answered this question of the people during a webinar where he said that the transmission of COVID-19 from one infected person to another becomes less than 10 days later.

Dr. Vineet Chadha also said that if the infected person stops showing any symptoms for 4-5 days without any fever, then he does not need a negative test report, which means that infection with coronavirus If you are feeling well after a week or 10 days then it means that you have recovered from the virus.

In a study conducted last year by the National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID) of Singapore, it was claimed that the patient is free from infection after 10 days. Researchers assessed the risk of spreading the virus from 73 infected individuals admitted to several hospitals. They found that by seven days after the onset of symptoms, the patient was more likely to grow and spread in the air, but within the eighth to tenth day, the virus began to weaken and was completely destroyed by the 11th day. is.

However, critically ill patients require long-term care. Therefore, it is not appropriate to leave them after 11 days, even if they do not spread the infection to others, their own life is in danger and they need proper medicine.

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