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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Corona was spread all over the world… But why did the black fungus spread so much in India only?

After the second wave of corona virus, now the risk of black fungus is increasing. 
Also, due to lack of medicines for black fungus, the difficulty of patients is also increasing. Fungus cases are constantly increasing in the country. The special thing is that according to data from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the mortality rate of mucoramycosis or black fungus is 54 percent. But the question is arising that why cases of black, white and yellow traps have not come to the fore in any other country…

If this question is also coming in your mind, then today we tell you what is the reason for increasing black fungus in India… Dr. B. Kamal Kapoor, director and co-founder of Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals, says that it is believed that India Diabetes is the capital. He says that diabetes is one of the biggest reasons, due to which fungal infection is increasing, because diabetes patients have very low immunity compared to others, due to which their diseases become more serious. '

Diabetes is the reason

He said, 'India's adult population has an estimated 73 million cases of diabetes. Using steroids to control the disease process also increases the level of diabetes, which also increases diabetes related complications. In India, taking medicines on your own without consulting a doctor is also a reason for increasing diseases, due to which it takes longer than normal for the patients to recover. Due to this, more complications are arising in patients and many types of infections are also increasing.

Let us know that anything can be dangerous for a medically serious patient. However, a normal body has its own ability and strength to fight mild infections and spores of airborne mildew. However, when the entire immunoglobulin in the body of patients with low immunity is busy fighting the disease, black fungus, white fungus and yellow fungus cause complications inside the body that can range from mild to severe, leading to the patient's condition. The possibility of death is also included.

Is black fungus treated?

According to Vineet Sehgal, Senior Consultant Doctor at Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals, Mucoramycosis i.e. black fungus can be identified and treatment can be started immediately. He told that pain in the eyes and orbit, discharge from the nose, numbness in the cheeks and darkening of the nose are the signs of black fungus. If you feel this, these symptoms should be checked immediately, so that ENT specialists, ophthalmologists and neuro surgeons can treat the patient better and help in reducing the death rate due to fungus.

Keep these things in mind

The doctor says, 'People affected by Kovid, those with low immune systems who have been in the ICU for a long time, patients with cancer, chemotherapy, patients using steroids and patients with uncontrolled diabetes need to be mostly cautious. In addition, health care establishments must ensure proper disinfection of ventilator circuits and oxygen pipes, replacing oxygen cylinders and humidifier water regularly and avoiding contamination with medical distilled water or boiled cold water.

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