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Saturday, May 29, 2021

This Rs 100 note is being sold for Rs 16000! Know where

Everyday many notes come in your hand and many notes go away. 
When you buy goods worth 60 rupees by giving a note of 500 rupees, you still get many notes. You also pay only attention to these notes, how much is the note and it is not torn or old. But, do you know that the note held in your hand can also be very valuable and it can be of great use for someone else. Now people are also selling such notes on many online websites and people also buy them.

Due to some note number, some notes become special due to the sign or oldness of the governor. In the market, from the luxury number of notes to the number 786, many notes are sold. At the same time, fond of keeping old notes also buy at good prices. Similarly, there are many such notes, which may seem simple in your appearance, but it can be special for someone else. In such a situation, know how the notes are sold more in the market…

Luxury number and old note are in great demand

Luxury number notes are being sold at expensive prices on many online websites. In these like- 888888 number note can be included, then there is also a note of 123456 number. Apart from this, many people want to buy old notes, in which their value increases due to the governor's sign. Many people prefer to buy pre-independence notes or coins.

Ordinary note also sells quite expensive?

For example, suppose you have a note on which the number is written 220769. The first time you see it, you will not feel anything special in it. But, if it is changed to the date, then it becomes 22 July 69. In such a case, it can be the date of birth of a person or can be a special date in his life. It may be the date of a particular day, or many special people were born on that day. In such a situation, these types of notes are also being sold a lot. Similarly, if the number on the note is 150847. This is a common number, but one can also see and buy it by adding it to 15 August 47.

Are many websites selling on eBay?

Let us tell you that such notes are sold on many websites. Similar notes are also sold on the online ecommerce website eBay. In such a situation, anyone can create an account on eBay and sell the note. Those who have a unique note or note of unique number, they can sell them at good prices.

Notes are being sold for millions

Let us tell you that an old note of 100 rupees on which Governor B. Rama Rao's sign is being sold on for Rs 16000. This b. Rama Rao was issued. At the same time, in 1957, Governor HM Patel was signed, the bundle of one rupee notes is being sold for 45 thousand rupees. The serial number of this note is 123456. Apart from this, a packet of 500 rupees old note on which Governor S.K. Venkataraman is signed, he is being sold online for 1.55 lakh rupees. The serial numbers of these notos start with 1616.

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