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Saturday, May 29, 2021

This is a unique temple in India, where there is worship of bullet motorcycles… know - why this happens

People have their faith in India. 
If someone finds God in a stone, someone bows his head in front of a plant or an animal. But, there is a place in Rajasthan where people worship motorcycles, not any idol. You too must have been surprised to think, but this bach is true. Here only the bike is worshiped and this belief is that they are protected from the worship of bikes and their wishes are also fulfilled. This bike temple is not only the center of faith, but many people also come to see this strange temple.

In such a situation, you know what is in this bike and what is the story behind it, due to which people are searching for God in a bike many years old. This temple is famous not only in Rajasthan, but in the whole of North India. Devotees come here in large numbers, worship, perform aarti and ask for wishes. Let's know what is the story of bike worship and whose bike is this…

Where is this temple?

This temple is 20 km from the Jodhpur-Pali highway in Rajasthan. It is in Chotila village located near Pali town. Even though people did not know it before, but now it is a well-known place for every person passing on this highway.

What is the story of Bike Pooja?

The point is in 1988, when Om Banna, a resident of Pali (who uses the word Banna to refer to young people of Rajput family in Rajasthan), was going by his bullet bike and crashed and died on the way. It is a story that after the accident this bike was taken to the police station, but this bike disappeared from there. After this, the bike was found at the accident site, where Om Banna had an accident.

Then after this it was taken to the police station and then this bike came back to the same place. This happened many times. It is said that the police had tied the bike to the chain, but still the bike disappeared from the police station. After this, it was considered a miracle and that bike was installed at the same place. After this people started worshiping it and the faith of the people increased. After this, people believe that Om Banna and Bike protect them and fulfill their wishes.

It is said that ever since the bike temple was built, an accident happened here. After this people come to worship from far flung areas. Now in Rajasthan a large section worships Om Banna and their Aarti, Bhajans are also sung a lot.

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