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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Can alum, turmeric, cinnamon salt cure Mucormycosis? Know the facts of this claim

The government and doctors are working hard to control the second wave of Corona virus. 
Corona cases have been declining over the past week but mortality rates are still high. What was less is now a new problem of mucormycosis with corona. Cases of the disease known as black fungus are on the rise across the country and many states have declared it an epidemic. According to doctors, steroids have been used in the treatment of coronary heart disease patients and those with diabetes have a higher risk of developing black fungus.

Just as videos of Corona's homemade recipes went viral on social media, so too are Mucor's now facing a variety of treatments. A video is going viral right now, claiming that black fungus can be treated with raspberry, turmeric, cinnamon salt as well as fern oil. We will talk in the area about how true this claim is. In this video, which goes viral on Twitter, a man named Doctor Parmeshwar Arora is saying that you have to mix five grams of alum, 10 grams of turmeric and 20 grams of Sindhav salt. This is your black fungus killer manjan ready. If the person is infected with corona, or is taking steroids, or is hospitalized, get up in the morning and drink this powder in warm water, or mix fern oil in it and apply it on the palate. After 2 minutes rinse with warm water. Doing so will keep the black fungus away from you.

The Press Information Bureau, a government agency, investigated the claim and said such a tip was fake. He wrote on his official Twitter account that the claim was fake. There is no scientific evidence that this prescription can cure mucor. Please do not rely on home remedies for the treatment of such serious ailments.

The doctor in the post is claiming that this is an ayurvedic prescription. So we talked about this with Dr. Sharad Kulkarni, a doctor at Jivottam Ayurveda Kendra in Bangalore. He says that consumption of alum, Sindhav salt and turmeric will not remove black fungus but it can act as hygiene and reduce the chances of infection. But as claimed in the viral post this is not a cure for any mucor.

When Dr. Sharad was asked about any other ayurvedic recipe for black fungus, he said that in such a case, the patient can consume gilloy leaves. Although this will not remove the black fungus, it will be relieved if used with allopathic medicine. Apart from this, the doctor has given some tips to increase immunity and prevent black fungus.

- Make a paste of basil, honey and ginger and lick it. This will increase immunity and reduce the risk of black fungus. You can use this paste as a precaution. For example, if you have used steroids and you think you are at risk for black fungus, you can follow these tips.

- It is necessary to reduce the sugar level. That is, try to keep diabetes under control.
- It is important to keep the mouth clean and keep the immune system strong to prevent black fungus.

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