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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Is Steam Effective And Safe Method For Kids, Know Here

There have been a number of home remedies for coronavirus infection and one of them is sniffing. 
People sniff every day to avoid corona, but should children sniff? Now that Corona is also snatching children, let's try to find out if sniffing is an effective method for children. Apart from this, even if there is a common cold or viral infection, should children be vaccinated or not?

It is worth mentioning that the nose is helpful in opening the closed nose. Nasal congestion can soften the mucus deposited in the baby's nose and make it easier to breathe. Apart from this it can also help in relieving cough and sore throat. Although snoring can be dangerous for a child, it is important to be careful at that time.

How to kill children?

Babies can be sniffed with a vaporizer or humidifier. The vaporizer heats the water. Steaming hot water from the vaporizer can eliminate nasal blockage. Humidifiers are safer for children than vaporizers because they do not contain hot water. Both the vaporizer and the humidifier bring moisture into the air which helps in reducing the symptoms of cold.

Keep the device close to the baby while sniffing the humidifier and vaporizer. But be extra careful when using a hot steam vaporizer, as hot water can burn the baby. Clean it according to the instructions written on the humidifier, otherwise it may make the child more ill.

Dr Pawan Kumar, a senior consultant pediatrician at Fortins Hospital in Delhi's Vasant Kunj area, says sniffing keeps the respiratory tract healthy, but does not affect immunity. If the child has a cold or a runny nose, nasal sprays can be given. Moisture available in the air from the nose opens the nasal blockage and clears the respiratory tract. Which benefits in the winter. Corona can also be given to a child if they have a cold, but the corona does not go away.

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