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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Vastu Tips Sindoor: To remove the troubles of life, do these remedies with vermilion

Sindoor has special significance in Hinduism. 
Sindhur is an important makeup in the life of Suhagin women. Women put vermilion in demand for their husband's long life. In Hinduism, sindoor is used during worship. Sindoor is used not only in auspicious works but also for the happiness and prosperity of the family. Let us know how to use sindoor according to Vastu Shastra.

If troubles are going on in your family, then you should offer vermilion by mixing vermilion with jasmine oil. You should offer vermilion to Hanuman Lala by next five Tuesdays and Saturdays. By doing this, your problems will be removed.

To remove negative forces

According to Vastu Shastra, sindoor is counted in auspicious things. To remove negative energy from the house, oil should be mixed with vermilion at the main gate. Do this continuously for 40 days to remove Vastu Dosha.

To please Maa Lakshmi

Mother can use sindoor to please Durga and Lakshmi. After daily pooja, apply a small vermilion at the main gate. By doing this, mother Lakshmi resides in the house and there is no shortage of money.

To get respect

If you are not giving respect in any office and home, then you can do this remedy. For this, tie alum and vermilion in a betel leaf and keep it under the peepal tree. According to astrology scriptures, by doing this remedy till the next three Wednesdays, you will get respect.

Sweetness in married life

If due to any reason, marriage is going on hard in the marriage, then Suhagin women should offer vermilion to Gauri Maa in the morning after washing their hair. Doing this leads to a good married life.

For planetary peace

You can use vermilion to pacify the movement of the planets. If the sun and Mars are deadly planets in your horoscope, Mahadasha or Antardasha then flow the vermilion into the flowing water. By doing this, the Sun and Mars will calm down. You will get auspicious results from this.

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