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Friday, April 9, 2021

Scientists are busy building this 'new weapon' to fight the virus

Drug inventor 
Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong and his team of researchers are preparing bullets against Corona.

The vaccine is designed to protect people from coronavirus. People are being given doses of the vaccine by injection, so that they can avoid infection. But in the US, drug pills are being developed to prevent corona. The tablet should be taken with water like normal tablets and it will show its effect on the virus. However, testing of this tablet is currently underway. But if that happens, the world will have another weapon to fight the Corona.

The team involved in the American National Basketball Association (NBA), co-owners of the LA Lakers and drug inventor Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, and his team of researchers are preparing bullets against Corona. The team is investigating whether the pills of these drugs work better than the coronavirus vaccine approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

No need to store in the freezer

Currently, people in the U.S. are being vaccinated by Pfizer-Bioentech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. These three vaccines produce antibodies in a person's body, which act to prevent coronavirus spike proteins from entering the body's cells. The team says that if the vaccine is prepared in the form of pills, it will be cheaper and easier to give to people cheaply. It can be easily sent anywhere and will not require cold temperatures to store it.

The trial of this drug is going on in the first phase

Researcher Dr. Chan Soon-Shiong Research Institute for Medicine in El Segundo, California. Tara Siri said that developing a vaccine used at room temperature, even in the form of a pill, would be a life-changing invention. The trial is currently in its early stages. The team has divided the volunteers into four teams and the impact of the bullets on them is being investigated. The new vaccine also targets the part of the coronavirus that has a lower risk of mutation.

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