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Friday, April 9, 2021

Every person in this village earn 32 lakh rupees, you will be surprised to know the reason

An important step in measuring the economy of any country, state or city is its capital income i.e. per capita income. 
Today we are going to talk about a village under Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. Where the capita or GRP is even higher than big countries like Japan and France. We are talking about Hertfordshire, a city with a population of about one million. The per capita income here is about, 46,600. So if we estimate it in Indian rupees, it is 32.62 lakh rupees. But the most special thing is that people here do not wear clothes. We will give you the information as to why this is so, but first find out why the important aspect of this city's economy is over many countries including Japan, France, UAE.

Hertfordshire has a per capita income of 46 46,600, followed by several other countries. These include the Highlands of Iceland in Japan, Warwickshire in France, and Eastern Scotland in New Zealand. Per capita income in the major cities of these countries is lower than in Hertfordshire. So many cities in countries like Italy, Kuwait, Brunei also have low per capita income.

What is ultimately the cause

In fact, this village with a small population of about 11.90 lakh was established in 1929. Since then the people of this city have decided for themselves, not to wear clothes unless there is a special need. The purpose of this decision is also shown to be to stay away from the rest of the world. However, people here dress up when there is a special occasion.

Is an important contributor to the economy

Speaking of the economy, there has been good growth in agriculture, industry and services. According to statistics, the ratio of GVD to Gross Value Added was 11,742 in 1995, which increased to 20,937 by 2003 and is still growing. Speaking of companies, this small town is home to the offices of some of the best companies in the UK. From where the people here get employment.

Not only that, the trade of NPA, the largest pharma association in UK, is also very big in this city. Which provides a huge employment opportunity in the pharma sector. This small town is a big example in itself in terms of statistics and people's earnings. But not wearing the same clothes also makes it swim differently than many other countries in the world.

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