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Friday, April 9, 2021

Pradosh Vrat 2021: Chandradev kept the first Pradosh fast for freedom from tuberculosis, know the mythology story

The fast of Pradosh is also kept twice every month. 
This fast is dedicated to Mahadev. Like Ekadashi, this fast has also been considered very good. It is believed that by keeping this fast and worshiping Mahadev by law, he is very happy and eliminates all the difficulties and obstacles of the person.

The fast of Pradosh is kept on the Trayodashi date of every month. Pradosh Vrat has different names and importance according to the day of the week. Today, due to Pradosh fast on Friday, it will be called Venus Pradosh. We all know all the things related to Pradosh Vrat and its worship, but do you know how the trend of this fast started and who kept this fast for the first time? Let us tell you.

This is mythology

According to the legend, for the first time, Chandrasev kept the fast of Pradosh for liberation from tuberculosis. It is said that Moon was married to Daksha Prajapati's 27 constellation girls. A lunar month is completed by the sum of these 27 constellations. Moon himself was very handsome and Rohini was very beautiful among all his wives. Therefore, among all those wives, Moon had special attachment with Rohini. Moon loved Rohini so much that the rest of his 26 wives became unhappy with his behavior and complained to Daksha Prajapati.

Saddened by the misery of the daughters, Daksha cursed the moon that you may suffer from tuberculosis. Gradually, the moon began to suffer from tuberculosis and their arts began to fade. This also had a bad effect on the earth. Narad ji asked him to worship Mahadev when Chandradev came close to his last breaths. After this, on the day of Trayodashi in Chandradev, Mahadev was fasted and worshiped him in Pradosh Kaal. Pleased with fasting and worship, Mahadev gave him a resurrection by freeing him from death and suffering and took it on his head. After the resurrection of the moon, people started fasting and worshiping Mahadev on the Trayodashi date every month for the liberation of their sufferings. Mahadev is worshiped during Pradosh Kaal in this fast, hence it is called Pradosh Vrat.

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