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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Oxford Study: Corona is attacking the lungs as well as the heart-brain, increasing stress, depression

Corona is increasing stress. 
Depression is on the rise. Increasing depression and hypertension. Corona is also causing depression and distance in relationships. Corona is not just attacking the body and lungs, but also on the heart and the mind. And the injury to the heart and brain is such that it is not even visible.

Ritu and her entire family got corona in May last year. 25 days later, the whole family recovered, but then Ritu's only family in a posh colony in Delhi was Corona positive.

Now that the entire country including Delhi has been engulfed by the second wave of Corona and this wave is proving more dangerous with each passing day, Ritu felt a little scared but not so much because she was sure That once this disease occurs, it cannot happen again. But 10 days ago, when he read the news that many people are recovering from corona once again, he was afraid that the attack of this dreaded disease might come back. He consulted several doctors in panic and now after hearing from everyone's mouth that once the disease can be recovered even after recovering from Corona, Ritu's sleep has gone away. She is always tense all the time. If even a slight sneeze comes, go to the kitchen and open the bottle of mint powder again and again to check whether it is smelling or not.

The condition of the house is as if there is a hospital. Every corner of the house is being sanitized ten times a day. From book shelves to bed pillows, the smell of sanitizer keeps on coming. She herself smells all the time as if she has fallen into the drum of the sanitizer.

Ritu's behavior is not a general concern. This fear is being transformed into an obsession of sorts. At first, it seemed to her natural motherly feeling to the rest of the house. There are two small children in the house, which they are very protective and concerned about. But there is as much difference between worrying more than usual and going to the extent of insanity as it is for driving safely out of fear of an accident and never getting out of the house for fear of an accident.

Ritu's psychological condition is called OCD in the language of psychology i.e. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. But this is not normal OCD as Ritu has never had any symptoms of OCD before in the rest of her life. Psychiatric psychologist Rekha Sikri in Mumbai says, the cause of this OCD is not the abnormal functioning of the nervous system and the brain, but the cause of depression and hypertension. It is happening due to a lot of stress that people are trying to protect themselves and their children by going to the extent of insanity many times.

According to Dr. Sikri, depression, anxiety and hypertension corona can also have side effects. The corona virus is not only attacking our lungs, but depression and anxiety are also increasing in people as its side effects. Many times these symptoms are appearing some time after the disease is cured. The way this panademic has increased our stress and depression, its manifestation is not only in OCD, but in many forms.

Recently a new study of Oxford University has been published in The Lancet Psychiatry Journal. This study is also saying that symptoms of depression and anxiety are showing in corona infected people. Scientists and researchers in this study found that about 34 percent of the people have suffered from depression even after recovering from the corona.

This study has been done mainly on American corona patients, but according to Dr. Sikri this applies to all corona patients. In this study, more than 2,36,000 corona victims were tested for a few months after recovering from the disease. Detail records of his mental and physical health were recorded through electronic mapping and testing equipment. In this investigation, the scientists found that 34 percent of the people who have been cured of corona, were not in good mental health. They were suffering from various types of depression, depression, anxiety and hypertension. The feeling of fear, insecurity and fear in his mind had increased more than usual. OCD is just one of those symptoms.

For example, 34-year-old Sarika Dave, who works in a large multinational company in Ahmedabad, also became corona positive in October last year and recovered within a month. But now such things are happening with them, which have never happened before. Such as having a panic attack or having trouble breathing so much that they feel they will die. While he is not an asthma patient and when such an attack occurs, the level of oxygen in his body is very normal.

When he showed the doctor, the doctor advised him to go to the councilor. Doctors feel that all these reactions taking place in Sarika's body are psychological, not physical.

Dr. Sikri says, "All of us are suddenly thrown into a fight that we had no mental and emotional preparation to deal with."

At this time, along with physical force, we also need mental strength too much. The body will recover, but it may take much longer for the heart and brain to recover.

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