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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Chanakya Niti: Most women have these 5 types of demerits, which they never understand

Acharya Chanakya has told all kinds of things related to life. 
However, people are forgetting their meaning in today's run-of-the-mill life. If we read and understand Chanakya's policies carefully, then many problems related to our life can be eradicated and we will move towards success but we do not do that which we have to bear the brunt. Acharya Chanakya has given deep information about everyone through his verses, whether he is a man or a woman. He has described the nature of both in a good way. However, he has also described the evils found in both.

Acharya Chanakya says that most women have such things, which are found. There is a saying about the nature of women that is still prevalent today that even God himself could not know what is going on in the mind of a woman? About this, Acharya Chanakya has told in his Niti Shastra through verses.

Anritam sahasam maya foolishmottilobhita.
Ashauchtvam nirdayatvam feminine dosha: temperament:.

Through this verse, Acharya Chanakya has described his 5 evils about women. Let's know-

Acharya Chanakya says that a lot of women throw tantrums. In Niti Shastra, she has told that it is only in the nature of women that she sits down suddenly without thinking anything. It is common for them to do this kind of work. Chanakya says that women lie on talk, due to which they get caught in difficulties.

Further Chanakya says that some women do foolish things due to self-confidence, due to which they get stuck in difficulty. It is generally seen that women love jewelry and money very much.

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