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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Do you know how Ravana was born? A very strange story was behind the birth

Even if you believe in Hindu religion, Lankapati Ravana is a symbol of imperfection, incest, conceit, deeds, anger, greed, unrighteousness and evil and hate him, but we should not forget that with Dashavan Ravana being a demon -Also was a learned person.

Today we will tell you what happened at the time of Ravana's birth that despite being a Brahmin son, he had demonic qualities.

Ramayana is considered to be a holy book of Hindu religion, in which the description of Lord Shri Ram is fully described and Ravana has a great importance in the life of Lord Shri Ram. Looking at the Ramayana, it seems as if the composition of this book would have been incomplete without Ravan.

We all know that Ravana used to be the king of gold Lanka, but many texts related to the birth of Ravana are found in many texts of Hindu religion. According to Valmiki Ramayana, Ravana was the son of Pulatsya Muni, Maharishi Vishrava and the son of the demonic Kaikasi.

According to the legend described in the Uttarkand of Valmiki Ramayana, in the mythological period, there used to be very cruel demons named Mali, Sumali and Malavan. These three brothers did severe austerities of Brahma, pleased with which his father Brahma gave him the boon of being strong.

After getting a boon from Bramha Ji, the three brothers tortured sage-sages and humans including the gods in Swargalok, Prithilalok and Patalalok, but when the torture of these three brothers was greatly flooded, then the sages-munis and deities went to Lord Vishnu and Mali , Sumali and Malavan narrated the agony of the atrocities of the three brothers.

After that Lord Vishnu told all of them that you all should go public and live fearlessly. I will surely destroy these evil demons. On the other hand, information about these three brothers reached Mali, Sumali and Malavan attacked Indralok along with his army. After this, Lord Vishnu came to Indraloka and massacred the demons. Moments after Lord Vishnu came to the Rann region, several demons including the commander Mali were killed and the rest fled towards Lanka.

After that, the remaining demons left Lanka under the leadership of Sumali and settled in Hades. After the defeat in the war, Sumali and Malvan along with their families remained hidden in the Hades for a long time.

One day Sumali came to visit Prithvi Lok where he saw Kubera but due to fear of the gods, he went back to Patal Lok… .. After reaching Patal Lok he started thinking that how long we demons will have to stay here for the fear of gods.

What measures should be taken so that the Gods can be conquered. After a few moments, he got Kubera's attention. Then he got the idea that why should he not marry his daughter with sage Vishrava so that he will get a stunning son like Kubera easily.

Sometime later, Sumali reached his daughter Kaikesi with the same idea in mind and said to her, daughter, you have been eligible for marriage, but due to my fear, no imitation comes to me to ask for your hand, so for the welfare of the demon dynasty I want you to go to His Holiness Maharishi Vishrava and marry him and get a son. That son can protect us from the gods of demons.

Despite being demonic, Kaikasi was a pious woman, so Kaikasi considered her father's wish to be her religion and gave her consent for marriage. After that Kaikasi bowed down to her father and after taking orders from her, went to Earth from the Hades to meet Maharishi Vishrava.

It took a lot of time for Patslok to come to Prithvi Lok and it was evening when she reached the ashram of Maharishi Vishwa… .then there was a severe thunderstorm. Wandered his feet and then told his heart's desire.

After knowing the desire of Kaikasi, Maharishi Vishrava said, "O God, I will fulfill your desire, but you have come to me in Kubela, so my son will be doing cruel deeds, the appearance of those demons will also be terrible." Hearing the words of Maharishi Vishrava, how did you pay tribute to him, Brahmin. I do not want the origin of such evil sons like you in the Brahminical era, so please be kind to me, then Maharishi Vishrava said to Kaikeyi that your third son will be a god like me.

Later day by day Kaikasi gave birth to a son of a very fierce and gruesome demon who had ten heads, his body was black and the shape was like a mountain. Therefore, Maharishi Vishrava named the eldest son of Kaikasi, Dasgriva, who later became known as Ravana in all the three worlds…. After that Kumbkaran was born from Kaikasi's womb, there was no other creature as tall as him. Subsequently, a great Surat was born of Surat. After all, Dakshata Vibhishan, the youngest son of Kaikasi, was born.

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