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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

It is very important to have physical intimacy in the time of Corona, these things are important for you to know

The world is going through an unprecedented health crisis and although there is a lot going on in your mind, we are not denying that physical intimacy is one of them. 
This is an epidemic and it means, we are already more vigilant. Does social distraction and wearing masks, frequent hand washing and cleaning really amaze us, in the meanwhile physical intimacy can actually be achieved?

You can have sex, but there are certain guidelines that you should not follow. It is highly probable that things cannot be pleasurable and it is also very clear that before we come to different compromises for safe sexual intercourse, it is very important to remember that healthy sexual activity is just as important. , As much as there was before the epidemic.

Unfortunately the frequency of physical contact has declined sharply. Report General Leisure Science. Yes, this is so horrible but we cannot deny the fact that physical contact is a great exercise that makes us feel relaxed. Which reduces stress and anxiety. It also promotes good sleep and causes the head to release endorphins and oxytocin. Research says that any physical relationship in which even a kiss makes you feel good for 10 to 20 seconds can be a big booster of physical intimacy even during stress.

1. Consent is key

You may be eager to hold your partner's hand, as well as a glass of wine in the bedroom. But remember one thing, consent is more important, maybe even more. Because we all have different concerns and apprehensions around touch and intimate contact. We are forever on shore and there will be less confidence that our friend has a normal relationship with someone. That’s why whatever’s going on in our minds, it’s important to discuss it with our friend and understand the level of comfort, before you do anything.

2. Also talk openly about testing

If you also notice common symptoms of Covid-19, test it yourself and be sure to be honest with your partner. It is also true that there is a high chance of contracting the virus. If you are involved in physical intimacy with someone make sure you discuss the test, especially if you decide to engage with someone where there should be a clear discussion consideration about each of the matters. - Approximate close physical contact, kissing, sexual activity, as well as when tested for the previous Covid-19.

3. Beware of dangers

This is a period when all this needs to be as transparent as possible. It's not like we're advising anything different. If you live with a friend and engage in physical intimacy, you are less likely to have a corona infection. It is provided that if you are following the guidelines such as avoiding crowds, wearing a mask and maintaining social distance before going out. But if none of you follow the protocol and go to crowded places without a mask, the risk is more likely. Also make sure that a condom can be used whenever you have sex. - If Covid 19 and other sexually transmitted diseases reduce the risk of exposure.

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