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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Coronavirus 2nd Wave: Know how to use a mask properly

The graph of corona infections across the country is growing rapidly, causing the situation to spiral out of control. 
People are frequently urged to use masks to avoid Covid-19, but it is also very important to know how to use the mask properly so that it can be used as a protective shield. It has often been observed that people wear masks, but that mask does not cover their entire face nor does it provide any protection. The mask is our safety shield and it is very important to use this safety shield properly.

Use a triple layer mask

The mask acts as a protective shield to protect against corona epidemics. Dr. Pooja Khosla of Ganga Ram Hospital said that Kovid cannot be fought only by using a mask, but by using the mask properly we can protect ourselves from corona. He said that when applying a mask, one should take care that it is covering our whole face. It is very important to use a triple layer mask at this time.

Health-related doctors and nurses should use the N95 mask, he said. In addition, those who suffer from Covid-19 and those who are exposed to them should also use the N95 mask. When applying the mask, it should be kept in mind that the mask covers our entire nose, whole mouth and cheeks so that the virus does not enter our body.

Double protection of the mask

Pooja Khosla, a senior doctor at Ganga Ram Hospital, said the way the graph of corona virus is growing rapidly, everyone should use a surgical mask. He said that nowadays people are wearing not one but two masks at a time. If using a double mask, use a surgical mask first and then a cloth mask over it. Only then will there be protection against corona infection. That said, using a cotton mask alone will not protect you, so use a cotton mask with a triple layer mask.

People are showing negligence

He said people have become careless now, which is why Covid's behavior has changed again, which is more dangerous than the first wave. He said those who are concerned with health or are in contact with Covid-19 patients should only use the N95 mask. After vaccination, we have to follow proper behavior to avoid covid, only then can we avoid corona. Dr. Pooja said that to avoid Kovid-19, remember the three mantras of mask, sanitization and social distance.

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