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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Corona: If this symptom is found inside the mouth, get tested immediately

Not experiencing taste and smell is a common feature of corona. 
But apart from this, there are some verbal traits that people do not pay attention to. According to experts, there are many symptoms that are caused by infection. Understand that corona is the beginning if these symptoms are seen.

Breath odor

Breath odor is a common symptom of occasional dry mouth. A person who does not easily understand. Which can cause problems in chewing and speaking. If any such symptom is found, a one-time check should be done.

Covid tongue

SARS A virus like Covid-2 can affect the tongue. A patient infected with the virus may experience swelling and inflammation on the tongue. A doctor should be consulted if this is found.

Changes in the color

of the tongue The color of the tongue can change due to the corona virus. If you are actually infected with the virus, you will experience white spots, red and darker spots on your tongue.

Dry mouth

When your mouth stays dry you feel like your mouth is getting dry and sticky. You should drink water whenever you feel like it so there will be no such condition. This is because dry mouth has a direct connection with the transmission of the virus.

Don't ignore any

symptoms According to experts, changes in the mouth and tongue are not necessarily the only symptoms of corona. Keep in mind that this is not to be found in everyone. But, don’t ignore the symptoms, including the changing behavior of the virus. If you find anything unusual, you should get tested on time without waiting. Disclaimer: Be sure to consult your doctor before implementing the information provided in this article.

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