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Monday, April 19, 2021

How To Prepare Yourself For A Fight With Corona, WHO Told This Diet Plan, Know What Are Its Benefits

New Delhi: The Second Wave Of Corona Has Caused Havoc In Every Part Of The Country. Every Day More Than Two And A Half Lakh Cases And More Than One And A Half Thousand Deaths Have Shaken. Amongst All The Precaution, It Is Important To Pay Attention To One Thing. That Is Your Daily Diet.

One Thing Has Become Clear That If You Want To Fight The Corona, Then The Immune System Has To Be Kept Strong. For This, Tablets Of Zinc And Vitamin C, Lukewarm Water To Protect The Throat, Steam At Least Twice A Day And More Than Three Times, Drinking Decoction Is All Right. But The Most Important Of These Is Your Diet, Which Gives You The Power To Fight Against Diseases. 

The WHO Has Also Suggested What Kind Of Diet You Should Include In The Daily Routine. If Proper Is Taking A Healthy Diet, Then Chances Are That Even After Having Corona, Your Body Will Fight The Virus And Will Get You Out Of That Difficulty. Overall The Body's Resistance Has To Be Increased And It Is Not A Day Or Two Of Work But A Continuous Process. 

Eat At Least 400 Grams Of Vegetables And Fruits A Day: 

According To WHO, Every Person Must Eat At Least 400 Grams Of Vegetables And Fruits In A Day. Fruits Can Contain Oranges, Bananas, Apples. This Will Be Beneficial. Vegetables Include Cabbage, Broccoli, Beetroot, Ginger, Carrot And Garlic. 

Digestive Function Is Necessary: 

You Can Use More Fiber In Your Food To Keep The Digestion Process Right. For This, Vegetables, Salads And Fruits Can Be Taken. They Contain Plenty Of Fiber. Lemon And Green Chillies Can Be Eaten With Salad. Both Of These Are Big Sources Of Vitamin C. All Types Of Grains Are Good Sources Of Fiber. Proteins, Fiber, Vitamins And Minerals Are Rich In Things Like Beans, Lentils And Chickpeas. 

It Would Be Better To Eat Eggs: 

Eggs Are The Largest Source Of Protein And Nutrients. This Can Be Included In The Daily Routine Diet. Most People Like To Eat Eggs By Frying Them Or Making Omelets. Rather, Boil Eggs And Eat It, It Will Be More Beneficial And Will Also Avoid Fat. 

Do Not Eat Too Much Salt And Sweet, Know How Much Dose Is Right: 

Eating Too Much Salt And Sweetening Can Affect Your Healthy Diet. This Will Also Have A Bad Effect On Your Health. According To The WHO, An Adult Should Avoid Eating More Than 5 Grams Of Salt And More Than 6 Teaspoons Of Sugar In 24 Hours. A Person Should Eat Only 30 Percent Fat Items Throughout The Day. 

At Least 10-12 Glasses Of Water Required: 

Summer Has Begun. There Should Be No Shortage Of Water In The Body. In This Case, Drink At Least 10-12 Glasses Of Water Throughout The Day. Due To This, There Will Be No Risk Of Dehydration. If You Want, You Can Take Lemon In Water, Etc. Along With Water, Vitamin C Will Also Be Available. 

These 3 Things Will Save You From Corona: 

Only 3 Things Will Save You And Your Family From Corona. Daily Diet, Mask And Social Distancing Means That If You Can Keep Yourself And The Rest Of The Family Members In The House, Then Keep Them. To Be Happy At Home, You Can Resort To Indoor Games, Good Movies, Books And Motivating Things With Each Other. Children Have To Be Taken Special Care Of. It Would Be Better To Create A Routine That Starts With All The Members Of The Family, Yoga And Exercise. 

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