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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Do mosquitoes bite you more than others? these 5 reasons to be responsible, know how to avoid

As the
 mood of the season changes, the mosquitoes are once again knocking with their poisonous bites. Have you ever wondered why mosquito bites only drink the blood of certain people? Like two friends go for a walk together in the park. Mosquitoes do not even move around one's body while another person returns with about 15 marks on the body. What is the reason behind it? Why do mosquitoes only target certain people? Let us tell you in detail about this

Metabolic rate

Your metabolism is a complex subject. But it is based on the carbon dioxide released by your body. The smell of carbon dioxide also attracts mosquitoes to humans quickly.

Female mosquitoes detect carbon dioxide odors from their 'sensing organs'. According to one study, pregnant women release 20 percent more carbon dioxide than normal humans. This is the reason why mosquitoes bite them more.

Skin bacteria

Did you know that there are many types of bacteria hidden in your skin? Actually this is not such a bad thing but these mosquitoes can invite you to come. A recent study claims that mosquitoes are more likely to be preferred by individuals with certain types of bacteria. People who have many types of bacteria in their skin are less likely to be attacked by mosquitoes.

Blood type

You may have often heard your grandmother talk about your sweet blood. They may be right. Evidence suggests that mosquitoes are more attracted to people of the 'O' blood group than to the general population. The second number comes from people of 'A' blood group. Both of these blood groups act like a magnet for mosquitoes.

Light colored clothing

Mosquitoes breed around any ground. It uses a combination of smell and sight to reach you. So if you can avoid it, go out wearing light colored clothes.

Take a shower

Mosquitoes love your body's sweat and lactic acid. So even if you go out to exercise, take a shower immediately after you arrive. Also use a pesticide around you before starting a workout.

Avoid drinking beer

According to a study, mosquitoes love the blood of people who drink beer. So avoid drinking beer or arrange a fan at the party. Mosquitoes cannot fly in the bright air. So the air acts as a barrier between the party and the mosquitoes.


All homes have different types of pesticides. Some pesticides may be able to repel mosquitoes from your home but may be ineffective in your neighbor and friend's home. Experts therefore always recommend experimenting with pesticides that come with 15 percent DEET.

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