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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Chanakya Niti: These sorrows in life break the person, it is not easy to get out of them

It is said that happiness and sorrow are like sunshine and shade in life, which keep on coming and going with time. 
But Acharya Chanakya has described such sorrows in the Chanakya policy, which when a person comes upon a person, he breaks that person to the inside. Despite millions of efforts, it is not easy to get out of those sorrows.

1. There are many situations in life when a person has to live in a place which he does not like. Living in such a place is like a burden for him and he remains suffocated all the time. Negative thoughts come. Despite leaving these places, he never forgets the experiences there.

2. For a person whose wife is very quarrelsome, this life is like hell. Such women start to dispute big and small things. Because of them, the whole family is upset.

3. The son is called the old age sticks of the father, but if the son is foolish, then he becomes a burden on the parents throughout his life. For a son whose parents have to worry even in old age, being in his life is like a curse.

4. When a father marries his daughter, he feels immense happiness, but if that daughter becomes a widow, then the life of the parents becomes hell. This sorrow breaks the parents and they do not get out of this sorrow even if they want to.

5. Service should always be done to those who are in need. If you serve a family that is considered lowly or wicked in society, then this service will not prove less than a lifetime of misery for you. Such people only show their true colors when the time comes.

6. If you have to eat such a food at all times that neither taste nor nutrition, then it is also a kind of misery. Such a person becomes irritable and angry.

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