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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Covishield or covaxin? Which vaccine is more effective against mutations in the corona? know here

Kolkata: Experts and those who are yet to be vaccinated are puzzled by the appearance of double mutant covid strain as to whether the vaccine will affect them. 
While some claim that the vaccine will not affect mutated strains, some claim that both covishield and covacin are designed to protect against new types of viruses.

While some experts are saying that covacin may provide better protection against mutated strains, some believe that covachield is more effective in this regard. Bhaskar Narayan Chaudhary, a microbiologist at Peerless Hospital in Kolkata, believes that covexin can provide protection against not only all proteins of the virus, but also altered proteins.

Covishield generates antibodies against altered proteins, but not against the rest, says Narayan Chaudhary. Covacin offers more extensive protection and is theoretically more effective against mutant strains. However, we should take whatever vaccine we are given, and not insist on selection. In addition, we do not know exactly how the virus works, and estimates may be inaccurate.

Medicine consultant Rahul Jain also agrees that adequate genomic studies of covid are not yet available. Covishield spikes usually work against proteins. This means that it can generate antibodies that are only able to protect against altered proteins instead of the whole virus. While covexin against it gives protection for a longer time.

Giving more details about this, Jain said that the antibodies created by covexin work like snipers. It identifies the enemy on the basis of any of its structures and calls for the most effective destruction of its entire structure. The director of pulmonology at CMRI Hospital in Kolkata, Dr. According to Raja Dhar, people who have had an infection or have been vaccinated or both are afraid of being re-coroned by a mutated strain. Furthermore, mutated strains spread more rapidly.

He also clarified that this does not mean that the vaccine is ineffective against him. The vaccine is effective in considering certain mutations in the virus, as well as certain factors. At this point everyone should definitely get the vaccine without long thought of the effectiveness. Any vaccine definitely provides 60-65 percent protection, which is very important.

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