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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Has your child not yet learned to walk? This way you can help him

After birth, parents remember every first thing a child does. 
For example, what did the child say the first word, when did he take the first step ... every step of the child makes the parents happy. The child first learns to scratch and then walks by holding a wall or a bed. Every child’s development is different and so if someone starts walking early, some children learn to walk late. However, parents should constantly strive to develop the child's skill. If your child has not started walking yet, there are some simple ways you can help him learn to walk.

Get Started Soon
you can learn anything from practice. If you are teaching a child to walk, first let him try to stand up straight. A 7-month-old baby begins to take small steps. Which builds his muscle memory and trains him to stand up without any support. Gradually the child also learns to walk.

Keep the feet open Do
not keep the child wearing slippers for fear of dirt or something getting in the foot. Pediatricians believe that a child should not wear slippers in the first month or year. If the baby's feet are exposed, his posture will develop, which is not the case with wearing slippers. This helps the baby to stand without less support.

Show chocolate
You stand away from your child and show them the chocolate and call them to you. Children respond more to visual and song tunes. Encourage them to come even by showing them their favorite toys.

Teaching by holding a finger
Children learn from their surroundings and most of the things they learn by watching their parents. Teach children to stand up straight or move forward. Teach them to walk hand in hand. Teach your child to stand up straight before walking. Which will help him balance the body.

Strengthen the limb muscles
If the child's limb muscles are strong, he will be able to walk easily. This will help the baby to balance to walk. You can strengthen the baby's muscles with massage.

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