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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Chaitra Maas 2021: Do not consume sweet things in 'Chaitra month', know why?

Holi will be celebrated on 29 March 2021 across the country. 
On this day, people will play Holi of Rang-Gulal and will be full of fun and on this day Chaitra month is also beginning. Chaitra month will be till 27 April. People can do auspicious work during Chaitra month. It has been said that sweet things should not be used during Chaitra month. Sweet items like jaggery, sugar, sugar candy should not be consumed during the entire Chaitra month from the day of Holi.

The reason behind this is that whatever food we eat, there is a small amount of sweetness in it and if we consume sweet things again, it can prove to be harmful for us in this month. In this month, you can use bitter and bitter things completely. Use of these items has been said to be beneficial. If you consume neem leaves in this month, then it maintains the balance of vata-bile and phlegm in your body.

Apart from these, it is also believed that citrus fruits should not be consumed in this month. This can also be harmful for you. This month also marks the festival of Navratri, in which nine forms of Mata Durga are worshiped. During this time, women and men also keep a fast and ask for a vow to the mother that her life should be happy and happy. This festival comes on the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. During this time, the superpower is accumulated by fasting meditation.

It is clear from all these things that it is not good to use sour and sweet things in Chaitra month. This is the reason that in this festival of Holi, more salty dishes are made than sweets.

Who doesn't want happiness in their life? So if you want to do the same, then during the Chaitra month, do not consume sweet and sour things.

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