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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Chanakya Niti: These things said by Acharya Chanakya about money… are very useful for you…

It is said that if the money is with a person, then his life becomes easier because more than half of the troubles are overcome with the money. 
Acharya Chanakya also considered poverty-ridden life as poison. He has said such deep things about money in Chanakya policy that every person should know. Learn about them here.

1. Acharya Chanakya believed that wealth is not only helpful in getting you rid of all problems, but it also gives you value and prestige in the society. Therefore, every person should accumulate wealth so that the bad times in future can be easily overcome.

2. Every person should live in a place where there are means of education, employment for him. There should be adequate medical treatment and where the person can get respect and auspicious thinkers.

3. If you really want to earn money, then set a goal and work hard in that direction to achieve the goal. With this you will earn money and respect. The aimless person can never succeed in any work.

4. Every person must have the spirit of performing charity, charity makes fortune of next birth of a virtuous person. But everything is bad. Bali was a Mahadani, so he had to face a lot of difficulties. Therefore, donate always at the border.

5. If the wife has to take the examination, then after the completion of wealth and property. At such a time, the selfish wife will either leave you, or her behavior will change towards you. But the ideal wife will fully support you with patience and will do all possible help to get you out of your misery.

6. The wealth for which people have to flatter, to force their coercion, to abandon their principles, to change religion or to work to the utmost extent, should never be fascinated by such wealth.

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