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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Beware: worm found in cabbage, can reach the brain and kill you

Health Care Tips: In winter people eat vegetables of cabbage leaves in excess. 
But before eating cabbage you need to be careful. This can prove to be fatal for you. It has been revealed in research that there is a fear of reaching tapeworm (laceworm) in the human body from cabbage.

This research has revealed that these insects develop in the intestines. After this they reach other parts of the body through the blood stream. These worms can enter your brain many times. Therefore, ignoring these insects can be quite fatal. Sometimes these insects can kill you.

Many people are scared about cabbage. With the consumption of cabbage, the worm or worm reaches your body and then enters the brain. Many people from outside ask for the removal of cabbage while asking for fast food. Cabbage is added to burgers, chowmein, momos, spring rolls, etc. That is why people ask them not to put cabbage while asking for it. 

We eat cabbage very much as a vegetable and also as a raw salad. In this way, tapeworm reaches our body in two ways. They are very subtle. Because of this, we do not see it. Many times it remains glued on the cabbage even after washing it very well.

Therefore, when we eat raw cabbage, there is a high possibility of these insects reaching our body. Even if the cabbage remains undercooked, this worm still reaches our body. This worm is usually found in animal feces. Due to its many different reasons, there is a possibility of reaching the ground with water and this leaf reaches the cabbage.

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