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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Time have changed… Now dung is also being sold online, you will be shocked to see the price

The trend of online shopping has increased significantly. 
Now even small household items can be found on the online website. Also, food items can be purchased 
online . However, now such items have also been found on e-commerce websites, which you may have seen lying on the road or in the trash. If you are from a rural environment, you will be surprised to see these goods sold online. Also, their price is so high that you will feel dizzy knowingly.

There are a lot of goods available on the online platform, the price of which is very low. But these goods are such that many people have never bought or got them for free. In such a scenario, you know what is different on online platforms, which is a bit strange, as India says.


You may have seen in the villages or in the small town that the ashes are always thrown in the trash. In earlier times people used ashes to clean utensils. So, the ashes are discarded as unused goods. But, now this ash is being found on online platforms and the special thing is that its price is also surprising. The price of ash on the online website is not Rs 10-20 but Rs 500 per kg.

Cow dung

You may have seen in small towns that people dry cow dung on the roof or those who keep cows throw dung in this way. But, even if you consider it dirt, it is now being sold on online platforms. Dung cakes are now being sold at good prices. Some condos are priced at Rs 150. If you say this in the village, they also make fun of it.


Empty plots or destroyed sawdust are now ordered online. A packet is selling for Rs 350 and people are buying this bhusu for cattle. People prefer the straw sold under the name of natural straw and they are buying this straw for their pets.


Now everything from multani clay to black clay is being sold on online platforms. The special thing is that people are also buying it with great curiosity. 500 grams of clay costs around Rs 100 and people are buying it.

Cow urine

The practice of gaumutra is also on the rise. Thus many cow products continue to be sold. Now it is also being sold online. Now 500 ml of cow urine is also available at Rs 260. In such a situation, it is surprising that people in your cities are getting those things for free, they are buying them online at a high price.

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