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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Be careful! This mistake at the time of donation, will cause serious damage

Through charity we follow religion and also get out of all the problems of our own lives. 
Donations are considered invaluable for age protection and health Donations are also important for getting rid of other problems in life Donating is also beneficial to get rid of planetary pain. According to astrologers, donating different things eliminates different types of problems.

What to look for when donating?

Astrologers say, do not donate any planet without understanding. Because, the planet that is donated, its influence decreases with life. So donate to the same planet that is inauspicious in the horoscope. Always donate with auspiciousness and faith. Donate to the level of things you experiment with.

Donation of anything is the best in either marriage

  • Aries - Don't donate the sun, avoid donating sweets.
  • Taurus- Don't donate Saturn, don't donate iron.
  • Gemini- Don't donate Venus, avoid donating green things.
  • Cancer - Don't donate the moon, avoid donating gold.
  • Leo- Don't donate Mars, avoid donating land or earthenware.
  • Virgo- Don't donate Mercury, avoid donating milk.
  • Libra- Never donate Saturn and black thing.
  • Scorpio - Don't donate Mars and yellow.
  • Sagittarius - Never donate the sun and sweets.
  • Capricorn - Don't donate Venus and oil.
  • Aquarius- Never donate Saturn and green thing.
  • Pisces - Don't donate Mars and red.

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