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Thursday, February 4, 2021

This person spent so many crores of rupees to live for 180 years, Know what formula he adopted

Everyone wants to live more and enjoy life but it is not possible. 
Because everyone has an age. The one whose time is up has to leave this earth. But there is a millionaire who also calls himself a biohacker. He recently surprised the world by saying how he could finally live to be 180 years old.

7 crore has been spent

This person's name is Dave Asprey. According to a newspaper report, 'They have spent 1,000 1,000,000 to stay young, which is around Rs 7 crore in India. They also recently had conversations with Holly Willoughbly and Philip Schofield. "How can a person live for 180 years," he said.

This is the method

"Fasting should be done from time to time," he said. A cycle of this should be made so that it can become a rule. Along with this cryotherapy which is also called cold therapy should also be taken from time to time and according to them more sleep is also required for longevity.

Skipping breakfast would be ok

"Skipping breakfast is also very important," Dave said. If you keep fasting from time to time, you can easily learn that. Which will allow you to feel more energy. You will also lose weight and you will feel better. '

Have dinner early

Dinner is also especially important for longevity. Dinner should also be done early, they say. You have dinner about 1 hour before bed. Which will automatically repair your body. However, they also said that they want to live for 180 years but they do not want to see their children die during this period.

What did people say?

People also tweeted and asked questions related to this. People also had their own ideas. One user said, 'Breakfast gives us energy. Now let's see how much this longevity formula of Dave works. What do you think? '

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