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Saturday, January 16, 2021

PCOD is a growing problem in women, adopt these natural ways to avoid

Due to today's busy lifestyle and eating habits, many types of diseases occur in our body. 
Most illnesses are caused by a deteriorating lifestyle, in which we wake up late and sleep late into the day. Doing so has the greatest effect on hormones. Polycystic 
ovarian disease ( PCOD ) and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) are the most common reported causes of hormonal imbalance in women . According to a research, the disease is spreading rapidly in women. Surprisingly, most women are not aware of the symptoms of this disease.

If you are ignoring symptoms like constantly gaining weight, unwanted hair, acne on the face, irregularity of periods, be careful. These symptoms can also be caused by PCOD, which can cause you to go through the problem of infertility. You can avoid this disease by making lifestyle changes to avoid PCOD.

Eat healthy food

You can start your day by changing your breakfast. Include protein and fat in your diet. Eat a green vegetable for breakfast which is rich in carbohydrates. Avoid eating bread and fried foods for breakfast.

Do not consume caffeine products

Tea and coffee are high in caffeine. Women who suffer from PCOD should not consume caffeine products. It affects your heart and blood pressure. You can drink herbal tea and green tea instead of tea and coffee. This will increase the amount of insulin in your body. It helps you lose weight.


Exercise is beneficial for your health. But too much exercise upsets the hormonal balance. Exercise is very important for good health. You can do yoga, pilates, aerobics and swimming to keep yourself fit.

Vitamin D

More than 60 percent of women suffer from vitamin D deficiency. You should include products rich in vitamin D in your daily diet. Vitamin D helps protect you from other diseases.

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