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Saturday, January 16, 2021

The women of Bilaspur are earning thousands of rupees through this business, you can also do this business

In Ambikapur, women of the Manzi tribal caste of Maizpat, who make a living from traditional farming as well as labor, are now 
adopting the business of 
beekeeping as a means of earning a good living Urmila Manzi, Rajwanti Manzi, Sukwari Manzi and 10 other women have earned Rs 13,000 for the first time by extracting 46 kg of honey . Women are very enthusiastic about bee keeping as they earn more in less time.

As per the direction of Collector Sanjeev Kumar Zana, in order to promote bee keeping business in the district, the Horticulture Department is distributing free honey boxes to the women in person along with the women of the self help group. In the same link, 5 Nang Honey Boxes were distributed to five women of Star Self Help Group affiliated to Adarsh ​​Gotan Kunia of Mainpat Janpad and nine women of Manji tribe of village Kunia.

Horticulture officials have imparted training to women on information related to bee keeping. Thus, a total of 50 honey boxes have produced 46 kg of excellent quality honey for the first time. The horticulture department itself has bought it at the rate of Rs 300 per kg. The park's deputy manager S. Pacta said that the self-help of Adarsh ​​Gothan Kuniya of Mainpat and 9 other women of village Kuniya have been given bees of Apis melifera species with 5-5 bee boxes. Except for the rainy season, the honey is ready in an interval of one month.

Validated by FSSAI

Collector Sanjeev Kumar Zai informed that the quality of honey produced by beekeeping by women in Mainpat is of high quality, which has been approved by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. He informed that the officials of Horticulture and National Rural Livelihood Mission have been instructed to seek the advice of technical experts for the processing of honey produced here. Special branding will be done to spread the honorary honey to other states and the marketing system will also be improved.

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