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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Know how gum disease has a connection with heart disease, the study revealed shocking

Right now in the world in which we are living, something always happens to someone or other. 
Human beings are more surrounded by less diseases than healthy lives. Every day there is something to hear and see. Recently, one such thing has been revealed which is quite shocking. Actually, a study has come out in which the link of gum disease is linked to inflammation, heart disease and cancer.

Gum disease or periodontitis bacteria in the plaque of teeth provoke an attack by the immune system. This triggers inflammation, which over time erases the soft tissue and bone that supports the teeth. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately half of people over 30 in the United States have periodontal disease. Research has revealed that it contributes to a large range of other conditions in which chronic inflammation plays a role. The long list inside it includes arthritis, heart disease, sugar, cancer etc.

However, the macanism associated with these conditions with periodontal disease is not yet clear. Faculty of Destiny experiments at the University of Toronto, Canada have shown that gingivitis produces bulged cells called neutrophils, which are then exacerbated by infections elsewhere in the body.

Senior study author Prof. Michael Goulgauer states that it is almost as if white cells are in second gear when they should be in the first. When researchers caused periodontal disease in mice, it caused the proliferation of neutrophils in the animal's bone marrow, indicating a systemic immune response.

At the same time, when scientists analyzed the baled sample from the participants in the laboratory, they found that neutrophils cause inflammation in their body like all animal experiments. Neutrophils in their blood returned to the previous less reactive state after the volunteers had brushed and flossed their teeth.

What is the relationship with Corona?

The researchers pointed out that their work had some limitations. In particular they periodically replicate their experiments in other models of the disease, such as in both mice and inhuman primates. According to one study, Kovid-19 can be a condition in which an immune over-reaction or cytokine strom in severe infections can cause problems with other organs.

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