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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Why are airplanes painted only in white, what is the main reason for this? Know in detail

Today's era is the era of science. 
As time is passing the world is moving forward, every day some new innovation is happening. There are many strange things in our world that raise many questions in our mind. Man's mind is very fickle as well as a store of curiosities. Seeing everything arises in our mind and we want to know the answers to the questions arising in our mind. One such question that must have come in many minds. Often you have noticed that the color of the plane is white. In such a situation, this curiosity arises in the minds of many people, why? Why is the plane not made of any other color? What is the reason behind this? So let us tell you the reason for this. 

The biggest reason for keeping an aircraft white is that the white color prevents heat. Because the plane is only in the sun from the runway to the sky, the sun's rays are always falling on the plane, the sun's rays have infrared rays that produce terrible heat. Because white color is best called reflector. Due to which the planes do not get hot.

Another advantage of the white paint on the ship is that a scratch, dent or crack is easily seen on it. In this case, it becomes easy to inspect the plane. Visibility and white color plane increase compared to colors. In addition, the white plane is also visible in every season, which reduces the risk of accident. Apart from this, the biggest and important reason is that the weight of white color is less than that of other colors. Therefore, no other color is used because doing so increases the weight of the plane. 

Apart from all this, the white colored plane gets good money for reselling it. The plane is always in the sun, so if any other color is painted on it, then it will fade, then the plane will look messy and it will have to be repainted quickly, which will increase the expenses. Fuel consumption also increases as the weight of the plane increases. Fuel costs are also reduced due to reduced aircraft weight. 

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