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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Danger to women with Corona! These serious problems are caused by periods

While the corona virus has changed people's lives, it has also had a huge impact on health. 
Even after recovery from Corona, people are still facing many problems. Not only this, the menstrual cycle of women is also not untouched by this. Let us tell you how Corona virus affects your periods

The effect of corona on women 

Common complications increase in women with chronic coronary heart disease. In addition, coronary stress also affects the reproductive system, disrupting the period cycle.

Hormonal and endocrine changes

Experts believe that endocrine and endocrine changes in menstruation and fertility are also affected due to covid infection, which causes the menstrual cycle to deteriorate.

Women suffering from corona are having this problem

According to the report, women suffering from corona are also facing problems such as mental stress and declining quality of life. Because of this, the cycle of periods changes.

This problem can last a long time

Experts say that changes in the menstrual cycle due to corona can last a long time. Not only that, women can also face many problems.

1. Irregular Periods

Some women may also experience irregular periods, endocrine changes, heavy bleeding, stress and discomfort after recovery from the corona.

2. Blood clots

Although menstrual blood clots are not a problem, these blood clots can cause blood loss in the body after corona recovery. This can lead to many more problems.

3. PMS.

The survey found that almost every woman suffered from PMS (premenstrual syndrome) after recovering from the corona. It is a problem of emotional disorder, which causes inflammation in nature, which causes mood swings and stress.

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