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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Know how the corona virus affects the body, these symptoms appear in patients

A terrible pandemic like the Corona virus has taken a different form of fatalities all over the world. 
The main symptoms of corona virus are fever, dry cough, fatigue and shortness of breath. Not only this, symptoms like runny nose, sore throat, nasal congestion and diarrhea are also seen in some patients. In addition, some reports state that loss of taste and loss of ability to smell may be symptoms of infection with the corona virus. The report stated that some people showed only these symptoms and after that they were found to be corona positive in the test. According to the World Health Organization, only one in six patients become seriously ill due to corona. Not only this, the elderly are at serious risk of corona virus infection. Also high blood pressure, heart diseases, People suffering from problems like diabetes need to be more vigilant with the corona virus. Let us tell you how the symptoms of corona begin to develop from day to day. 

Day 1: If a person has had Kovid, he will feel 88% fever and fatigue. Not only this, there is also pain and dry cough in the muscles of his body.

Day 2-4: A person has fever along with cough while having Kovid.

Day 5: On the same fifth day, breathing problem starts in the person.

Day 6: On the sixth day the person has difficulty in breathing, fever and cough. While symptoms of chest tightness have also been seen in some people.  

Day 7: If some people have chest pain, shortness of breath and pain on lips or face, then they need to be admitted to the hospital immediately.

Day 8-9: According to some reports, 15 percent of infected people will develop symptoms of ARD (acute respiratory distress syndrome) on this day.

Day 10: On the tenth day, if the person has trouble breathing, then the infected person needs more care.

Day 12: On the same day, the fever of most people is cured, but the cough takes some time to recover.  

Day 13-14: Corona infected person's breathing problem completely cures in 13-14 days.

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