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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Solar Eclipse 2020: Know interesting facts related to solar eclipse


Solar eclipse has special significance from a religious and scientific point of view. There are many such events in the sky on this day, which help a lot in reading and knowing the universe. If the pages of history are reversed, there have been many such discoveries during the time of solar eclipse, which has given a new dimension to science. While according to religious texts, doing any auspicious work in this time is prohibited. At this time the effect of negative powers remains on the earth. Let us know the interesting scientific and religious facts related to solar eclipse-

- It is in 1968 when a scientist named Larkier was keeping a close eye on the celestial movement during the solar eclipse. At the same time, he saw helium gas in the varna mantle, which further increased his curiosity. In this eagerness, he discovered helium gas.

- Great scientist Albert Einstein was also helped to verify the principles of gravity during solar eclipse. At this time, he came to know about the attraction of the objects, which made it clear that the light of all the bodies falls on each other.

From a scientific point of view, complete solar eclipse is 11 minutes. While the largest total solar eclipse in the 21st century was 6 minutes 18 seconds.

- The importance of solar eclipse has been told in Rigveda. According to it, Athrimuni was fully aware of the solar eclipse. Later, this learning was acquired by the people of his family. If we calculate the year, then it is a matter of four thousand BC.

- Rahu-Ketu has negative effect during solar eclipse. Therefore, no religious rituals, auspicious deeds are performed at this time. Especially pregnant women should stay at home during this time. Along with this, there is a law to take precautions of many other things.

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