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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Milk is pure or adulterated, Find out in these 5 ways

Which milk do you drink at home, open or packet closed? 
Do you know that you drink either of these two milk but they are really as pure as milk is pure or adulterated. All types of milk sold in the market speak of purity and claim to be 100 percent pure. If you also come home and drink milk as pure and think of health, then you are wrong. Yes, this is absolutely correct because fake items are being sold indiscriminately in the market and not everyone comes to identify purity but in this article we are going to overcome your dilemma. Let's know how you can identify milk that is home (milk is pure or adulterated)

How To Identify Fake Or Adulterated Milk (Milk Is Pure Or Adulterated)

Find Out How To Get Pure Milk

To check whether water has been added to milk, you drop one or a drop of milk on a piece of wood or stone. If milk flows from that wood or stone and falls downwards and forms a white mark, then the milk that comes to your home is completely pure (milk is pure or adulterated)

Detergent Is Not Added To Milk (Milk Is Pure Or Adulterated)

To check whether detergent has been added to the milk, take a small amount of milk and shake it vigorously in a glass vial. If you start doing this, then there is detergent in the milk. But if this foam stays for more than 5 minutes, then your milk is absolutely real (milk is pure or adulterated)

Smell The Milk

By smelling milk, it can be ascertained whether the milk is real or fake. When milk is pure or adulterated, it smells like soap and if the milk is real then it will never smell like this.

Milk Is Pure Or Adulterated

To identify the purity of the milk, rub a little milk in both hands. The palm will never feel greasy when the milk is real. But if milk is fake then rubbing the palm will feel like a detergent.

Fake Milk Turns Yellow

To identify whether milk is pure or not, you can also identify purity by keeping milk is pure or adulterated. Real milk never changes its color, but fake milk turns yellow after some time. If urea has been added to synthetic milk, the milk becomes thick yellow.

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