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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Know how many types of solar eclipses are there


There are three types of solar eclipse. (There are three types of Surya-Grahan)

1. Full Solar Eclipse

A full solar eclipse occurs when the moon completely takes the Earth in its shadow region. As a result, the sunlight does not reach the earth. And a situation like darkness arises on the earth. The eclipse created in this way is called a complete solar eclipse.

2. Partial Solar Eclipse

In a partial solar eclipse, the moon is able to capture only a part of the sun in its shadow. Due to this, some part of the sun remains unaffected by eclipse grass and some part from eclipse. This is called a partial solar eclipse.

3. Elliptical Solar Eclipse

The third and final type of solar eclipse is known as "ring solar eclipse". During this type of eclipse, the moon covers the sun in such a way that only the central part of the sun comes in the shadow area. The area outside the Sun appears like a bracelet due to light. The solar eclipse made in the shape of a bracelet is called the ring solar eclipse.

When will the next solar eclipse happen? (When will the next solar eclipse fall)

Due to the long research conducted on solar eclipse, it has been revealed that every year at least one solar eclipse is observed. The Sun is a natural phenomenon. In this way, there are chances of more than two hundred solar eclipses in a hundred years. It is not necessary that all solar eclipses can be seen in India, but only a few of them can be seen in India.

Solar Eclipse in 2020

  1. Khagrass solar eclipse on 14 December 2020.

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