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Friday, December 11, 2020

So for these reasons, some people's sweat smell overwhelming

Hormones cause different amounts of sweat to be released from the human body. 
Some people sweat a lot while there are some people who do not sweat at all after doing physical labor. Sweat is foul smelling which is why Dio and Scent have been used. You can also use scented deodorant to get rid of your body odor but it is very important for you to know why the body sweats so much and why it is so foul smelling.


Bad Diet
This problem can occur if your food is too oily or spicy. There are things like red meat, spices and garlic that make the body sweat more intense. So include vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Armpit hair
Armpit hair is hair that, if not cleaned, can cause body odor. There is a sweat gland on the armpit that causes sweating. Shave or wax your armpit hair and take a shower every day to remove odors from the body. Also use anti-bacterial soap.

Blood sugar is known
from the ketone element in the body, your blood sugar. The smell of ketones is like the smell of fruit that always comes from the mouth. You may like this fruity aroma but it is actually a bad smell. If you do not get a checkup from your doctor to remove this, you may fall prey to any disease.

High blood pressure
can sometimes cause bad breath, even if it means worrying about small and big things. More sweat starts to come out of the body whenever you are in tension. Sweat starts to come out from the palms, feet and body and it starts smelling. When you are under stress, a substance called stress hormone, cortisol, starts to come out, creating a pungent odor. Cortisol helps fight anxiety but also produces sweat.

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