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Friday, December 11, 2020

Does your phone hang frequently? Just do it and it will start to run like butter

Phones with stronger processors and phones with more storage have come to be seen everywhere. 
However, even today some people have an old phone and they often have the problem of the phone hanging. If you just keep these five things in mind. After this, you will see that your phone will start running like butter.

First of all, delete all the unnecessary things from the phone. Alternatively, go to the phone's settings and click on Storage, below (Cache data) option will also clear it. It should be done from time to time. Android phone holders can do this easily. 

If your phone has a lot of apps, it would be better if you transfer some of them to external memory. This will make room for internal memory. If you want, when installing the application, insert it directly into the external memory. Go to settings and go to storage, select the SD card option there. This feature is only for those who have both the memory in their phone. 

Save songs, videos, pictures and other data to external memory in the phone itself. If they are in internal, then place them in external memory. If you choose external memory as the default memory, it will automatically log in and you will not have to work harder again.

Use the factory reset option only after adopting all the methods. This will remove all data from websites, apps and browsers that are not needed. It just removes all the apps, phone numbers, photos, songs, so it shouldn't be used normally, but if you're going to do it, then it's better to save everything else. If you want, transfer to SD card.

With the phone, save all your important data to e-mail, Google Drive, or the cloud. It will be safe and there is no need to worry even if the phone goes bad or something is deleted. After saving in the email, delete that data from the phone so that the memory is saved

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