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Friday, December 11, 2020

Shine your bathroom in 5 minutes with these 6 tips

We use the bathroom in the house for our hygiene. 
If the bathroom is not kept clean regularly, it can have a bad effect on the health of you and your family members. You may not be cleaning the bathroom every day due to lack of time, but by adopting some smart tips you can clean it every day and that too in just five minutes! So let's find out how.

This is how to clean your bathroom

1. Essential device
brooms, self and mugs. All three are the most essential tools for cleaning the bathroom. You may also need a toilet brush. Wear rubber or plastic gloves to protect your lips from chemicals.

2. Mix soap / toilet cleaner
water with laundry powder and prepare a liquid mixture from it. Pour this water on the edges of the bathroom and rub with a broom. You can use a toilet cleaner if you want. After applying this you just let it stay for 1 minute.

3. Scrub the scrub
mixture with a broom a few minutes after spraying. Clean every area of ​​the bathroom such as tiles, commodes, etc. by brushing and sweeping.

4. Wash Basin
Use a toilet cleaner to clean the wash basin . It has so much power that it can clean marble and germs well. Always use a scrub to clean taps and basins. Apart from this, wear gloves regularly so that your hands do not get damaged.

5. Cleaning with water
When the scrubbing is done, quickly lift the pipe or mug and clean this soap with water. Or you can fill a bucket with water. This will make your job easier. Don't forget to flush the commode after cleaning it.

6. Wipe the
water with a wiper on the ground so that the water-soaked bathroom dries quickly. You can also use your own clothing for this.

Some people use acid to clean the toilet. Excessive intensity of acid can damage your skin and your health by inhaling its strong odor. So be extra careful whenever you experiment with it. And yes, you can mix it with soapy water without using acid directly to clean the toilet.

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