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Monday, December 21, 2020

Monday Bholenath's favorite day is this, worship this way and please Mahadev

Today is Monday i.e. Bholebaba's day. 
He is also called Bhole Bhandari. This day is dedicated to Bholenath. Worshiping Shiva Shankar on this day completes all the mental work of the devotees. It is believed that if they are worshiped properly, the person gets auspicious results.

If Bholenath is offered his favorite things, he gets the full results of fasting. The virgins fast on the 16th Monday of Bholenath so that they get a groom like Shiva. In such a situation, if you are fasting on Monday, we are telling you the way to worship on Monday. You can also fast on this day. But even if you cannot fast, you can reconcile by worshiping Shiva on Monday.

Worship Shiva in this way:

  • Wake up in Brahma Muhurat on Monday. Complete the routine and take a shower. Then go to the house of worship or go to the temple. Here offer Ganga water and milk to mother Parvati and Nandi including Shiva.
  • Offer Dhatura, marijuana, potatoes, sandalwood, rice to Shivling. Tilak everyone. Then burn incense, lamps. Do Aarti of Ganesha first and then Aarti of Shivaji.
  • Then offer ghee, sugar or prasad to Lord Shiva. After this, distribute the prasad to all.
  • The Bilva letter is very dear to Shivaji. Shiva is pleased by offering them.
  • Chant the Mahamrutyunjaya Mantra 108 times during the worship of Lord Shiva. It brings peace and happiness and prosperity.
  • Apart from this, one should also chant the mantra 'Om Naam: Shivaya', 'Om Naam: Shivaya'.
  • Fasting all day. Open the fast fast after evening worship. If you wish, you can also do this whole fasting nakordo.

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