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Monday, December 21, 2020

Daily Horoscope (21-12-2020)


Aries- Today the situation is very good. The economic situation seems to be strengthening. Stopped money will be returned. New sources of income will be created. Money will also come from old sources. Benefits in travel, coincidence of travel, health will be almost right. Love is in a good state. Business is very good Worship Lord Shani.

Taurus- Governance-ruling party will get support. You will get the blessings of the high officials. Political benefits can be found. Health is an improvement in the state of love. Right from a business point of view. Keep a green object nearby.

Gemini - Luck will increase, work will be blocked. Health is good, love is medium, business is moving towards good condition. Worship Maa Kali.

Cancer conditions are unfavorable. Injuries can occur. There is a possibility of accident while driving. Be careful. Love and business are going well. Keep on doing Jalabhishek to Lord Shiva.

Leo promoted -roji-employment, meeting lovers possible. Husband and wife are in good condition. Health is better. Love will be good Keep the yellow object nearby.

Virgo- Anti- will try to do harm but their one will not be able to run. You will proceed Stopped work will be done. Health, love, business is good. Worship Lord Shani.

Libra is a good time for students and writers. The mind will remain a little affected, due to sentimentality. Health is better than love, business is better than medium. Worship Lord Shani. Donate the yellow object

Scorpio- land, building, vehicle purchase can consider. Avoid bickering at home. Health medium, love medium, are doing well from business point of view. Keep on worshiping Lord Vishnu.

Sagittarius- done effort will be worthwhile. Will progress in employment. There may be trouble in the nose, ears, throat. Health medium, love will go well from a business perspective. Donate the black object.

Capricorn - Money will remain inward. Health will be fine. Don't invest money in gambling, betting, lotteries. Avoid investing now. Health, love are running well from the middle, business perspective. Keep a green object nearby.

Aquarius - Your height will increase. Economic, social, physical is the right time from every point of view. Whatever will be needed will also be available. Health is almost fine. Love is going well Even from a business perspective, you are doing well. Keep a green object nearby.

Pisces- man will remain worried for a little reason. Will be worried about expenses Health will remain moderate. The state of love will be moderate. The distance will remain. You will keep going right from the business point of view. Worship Lord Shiva.

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