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Monday, December 21, 2020

A new type of corona in Britain, European countries banned flights

 Netherlands and Belgium have banned flights from Britain over a new strain of the corona virus in southern England. While Germany is considering limiting the number of flights, so that this type of infection does not spread in the European continent. The virus is said to be spreading rapidly but there is no evidence that it is more lethal.

The Netherlands, on the other hand, has suspended flights from Britain until the end of this year and Belgium has banned midnight flights from Britain for 24 hours. Belgium has also suspended rail service to Britain. German officials say they are considering "serious options" for flights from Britain, but have not yet made that decision.

Netherlands said in a statement that it would discuss with Britain a number of other European countries to prevent the spread of the virus in Britain. The governments of the three EU member states said they were taking the decision in view of the tough measures taken by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for London and surrounding areas on Saturday.

A new type of corona is spreading rapidly
Johnson had earlier said that a new type of corona virus has emerged, which spreads 70 per cent faster than the previous virus, and could spread faster in London and the south of England, with immediate effect. A lockdown was imposed with strict restrictions from Sunday, seeing the infection rate rise, forcing millions to stay indoors. Unnecessary goods shops and establishments have also been closed.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crew said on Sunday that he was issuing a 24-hour flight ban as part of a precaution, which would take effect from midnight. That said, there are many questions about this new type of virus. However, he hoped the situation would become clearer on Tuesday.

There is no evidence that the new virus is more lethal
"We have alerted the World Health Organization and are studying the available information to understand more about the new virus," said Professor Chris Whitty, England's chief medical officer. That said, there is currently no evidence to prove that the new type of virus is more deadly.

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