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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Know why is the pen nib broken after being sentenced to death?

New Delhi. 
Till now you must have seen in the movies that the judge breaks the nib of the pen after a prisoner or criminal is sentenced to death by the court. You know why this is done or not, so let us tell you why the pen nib is broken after saying 'Hang till death'. First of all, let us tell you that the practice of doing this by a judge is only in India. 

Significantly, in Indian law, the greatest punishment for a criminal's punishment is hanging. There is a provision in the Rare of Rayrest case to sentence a convict to death. Any person whose crime falls under the category of heinous crime can be sentenced to death. In such a situation, if a judge is sentenced to death once, then it cannot be changed, yes the President has the right to do so. The President can also pardon the offender on the basis of his discretion and knowledge.  

This is the reason that the pen with which death is written breaks its nib. It is also believed that if the pen's nib is broken after the verdict, then even that judge himself does not have the right to think about changing that judgment again. This decision cannot be reconsidered once the pen nib is broken.

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