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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

This woman takes a bath with the blood of unmarried girls, you will be surprised to know the reason


Often we read daily in newspapers about the incidents of murder and assault. But if some people commit murders to fulfill their hobbies then it becomes a matter of thinking. Today, we are telling you about the strange habits of a woman who kills not only one but many people to clean her body and groom her body. Hearing the story of the woman we are going to tell today, your hair will stand up. This woman killed virgin girls and bathed them with their blood.

More than 600 girls killed

This woman named Elizabeth Bathory is known as the most dangerous and bestial female serial killer. Elizabeth Bathory has killed more than 600 girls in the years 1585 to 1610 and washed their bodies with their blood.

Elizabeth Bathory along with three servants used to execute events

Elizabeth Bathory belonged to the Bathory family of the Hungarian Empire. She was married to a man named Ferenc Nadesdi, who fought around in battle against the Turks. But he died in the year 1604. Elizabeth Bathory became completely independent since her husband's death. He along with his three servants started killing the girls.

Since she was a woman with a high influence, she used to call poor girls from nearby villages to the palace with money. And as soon as the girls came to the palace, they made them their prey.

Elizabeth used to torture these girls by putting them in jail. They used to burn or cut their hands. Sometimes she used to cut out the naked body from the Damato and take it out to the flesh. After being able to take her to death, she collected her blood in a tub and bathed in it. It has also been mentioned in many books.

Elizabeth Bathory imprisoned

It is said that after finishing the girls of the area, when she started doing this work with the girls of the family, it was reported to the King of Hungary. He investigated the case and caught him red-handed. In 1610, Elizabeth Bathory was arrested for her disgusting crime and imprisoned in a room in her own palace, where she died on August 21, 1614, four years later.

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