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Friday, December 4, 2020

Know 10 amazing secrets of Shiva Linga and where are the famous Shiva Linga of the country

The meaning of Shivalinga has been told in the scriptures, the ultimate welfare auspicious creation flame. 
This is how the entire universe and our body are. Our soul situated in the middle of the Bhrkuti or say that we ourselves are like this ... point form. Those who misinterpret Shivling are either ignorant or they are deliberately doing so. So let's know 10 amazing secrets of Shivling.

Major Shivling of the country

1- Somnath (Gujarat), 2- Mallikarjuna (Andhra Pradesh), 3- Mahakal (Madhya Pradesh), 4- Mamaleshwar (Madhya Pradesh), 5- Baidyanath (Jharkhand), 6- Bhimashankar (Maharashtra), 7- Kedarnath (Uttarakhand), 8 - Vishwanath (Uttar Pradesh), 9- Trimbakeshwar (Maharashtra), 10- Nageshwar (Gujarat), 11- Rameshwaram (Tamil Nadu), 12- Ghrishneshwar (Maharashtra), 13- Amarnath (Jammu and Kashmir), 14- Pashupatinath (Nepal), 15- Kaleshwar (Telangana), 16- Srikalahasti (Andhra Pradesh), 17- Ekambareswar (Tamil Nadu), 19- Arunachal (Tamil Nadu), 20- Tilai Natraj Temple (Tamil Nadu), 21- Lingaraj (Odisha), 22- Murudeshwar Shiva Temple ( Karnataka), 23- Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram (Tamil Nadu), 24- Kailash Temple Ellora (Maharashtra), 25- Kumbheshwar Temple (Tamil Nadu), 26- Badami Temple (Karnataka) etc. Many ancient and wondrous temples are famous.

Types of Shivling

There are mainly 2 types of lingam - first celestial or meteor lingam and second mercury lingam. The first consisted of a black oval like a meteorite. Only such Shivling is called Jyotirlinga in India. The second is a human made mercury Shivling. Paradology is the ancient Vedic science. Apart from this, according to the Puranas, there are 6 main types of Shivling - Devling, Asurling, Arshling, Puranling, Manalinga and Swayambhu Linga.

Shivling configuration

There are 3 parts of Shivling. The first part which remains underground all around the bottom. A similar brass meeting is made on the eight sides in the central part. Finally its top part, which is an oval that is worshiped. The height of this Shivling is one third of the entire mandal or circumference. These are the symbols of Brahma (bottom), Vishnu (middle) and Shiva (top) in 3 parts. Water is poured at the top, which flows out of a passage created from the bottom meeting. It has been clarified in various forms to reveal this truth by understanding the scientific mystery of the universe by ancient sages and sages.

Potion and gold secret

The Shivling has a stone figure. The jaladhari is of brass and the serpent or serpent is of copper. On the Shivling, flowers of bell-leaf and datura or figure are mounted. Water keeps falling on the Shivling. It is said that the sages have designed the Shivalinga symbolically or to save the ancient lore in such a way that one can take advantage of it by understanding its esoteric secrets, such as Shivalinga i.e. mercury, Jaladhari i.e. brass metal, Snake. That is, copper metal, etc., can be made of silver or gold by mixing belligerent, metal and some medicines with figures.

Shivling in ancient civilization

According to archaeological findings, evidence of Shivalinga worship has also been found in the ancient cities of Mesopotamia and Babylon. Apart from this, archaeological remains of worship of Shivling have also been found in the developed culture of Mohan-jo-daro and Harappa. At the beginning of civilization, the life of the people depended on animals and nature, so he also worshiped Pashupati as the guardian deity of animals. A seal derived from the Sandhav civilization depicts a 3-faced man with several animals around him. It is considered as Pashupati form of Lord Shiva.

Celestial looping

According to historical evidence, a few millennia before Vikram Samvat there was more outbreak of meteor on the entire earth. The primitive man saw the emergence of Rudra (Shiva). Temples were built to protect these sacred bodies wherever the earth fell. In this way, thousands of Shiva temples were built on the earth. Chief among them were 108 Jyotirlingas, but now only 12 are left. According to the Shiva Purana, at that time, the Jyoti object fell from the sky and light spread from them for a while. Many such meteor bodies fell from the sky to the earth.

When did Shivling worship begin

Lord Shiva revealed a divine linga (Jyoti) to settle the dispute between Brahma and Vishnu over the superiority. Brahma and Vishnu, knowing the beginning and the end of this Jyotirlinga, came to know about the divine nature of Shiva. From this time, the worship of Jyotirlinga as a symbol of Shiva began to be considered as Parabrahma. In Hinduism, idol is not worshiped, but it should be worshiped as Shivalinga and Shaligram as the Deity of Lord Shankar and Vishnu.

Symbol of formless light

In the Puranas, Shivalinga is also addressed by many other names.

Such as light pillar, fire pillar, energy pillar, cosmic pillar, etc.

There are many beliefs in Puranas regarding the origin of Jyotirlinga.

According to Vedan, Jyotirlinga means 'broad Brahmatling' which means 'wide light'. Which is 12 sections of Shivling. According to Shiva Purana 1- Brahma 2- Maya 3- Jeeva 4-Mind 5- Wisdom 6- Mind 7- Ego 8- Akash 9- Vayu 10-Agni 11- Water and 12- Earth is called Jyotirlinga or Jyoti Pind.


God is formless. Shivling is a symbol of that. It is necessary to clarify here that Lord Shankar or Mahadev also meditate on Shivalinga. It is called 'Shivalinga', symbolizing zero, sky, infinite, universe and formless Param Purush. The Skanda Purana states that the sky is Swayamlinga. The earth is its back or base and everything is born out of infinite void, due to the rhythm in it, it is called Shivling. In the Shiva Purana, Shiva is said to be the cause of the origin of the world and Parabrahma. According to Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva is the perfect man and formless Brahm.

Symbol of the universe

The entire universe is the same as the form of Shivalinga which has water and water falling from above. The shape-type of Shivalinga is like our Milky Way roaming the universe and the bodies where life is likely to occur. Shiva lingam is the axis / axis of the rotating earth with the atmosphere or all the infinite universe (the universe is moving). According to the Vayu Purana, all the creation which gets absorbed in the Holocaust and the creation that appears in the re-creation period is called Shivalinga. In this way, the entire energy of the world is the symbol of Shivling. In fact, this entire creation is the point-sounding form. The point is Shakti and Nad Shiva. This is the basis of all this. Point and sound means energy and sound. This is the basis of the entire universe.

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