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Friday, December 4, 2020

What is 'Hepatitis B', how can we prevent it

If you adopt these methods, you will save yourself from 'Hepatitis B'

The patient suffers from inflammation of the liver due to HBV or Hepatitis B virus. This disease is known as Hepatitis B. HBV is one of the types of viral hepatitis. Other types of hepatitis are E, D, C and A.
Of these, HBV spreads the most rapidly. As hepatitis B infection increases in adults. Likewise, its symptoms also begin to appear. HBV infection spreads very rapidly in children. On the other hand, if you talk about chronic hepatitis B, then it spreads slowly. In most cases unless there is a big problem. Till then people do not pay attention to the symptoms of Hepatitis B. The disease spreads due to infection. It is spread by coming into contact with saliva, infected blood and various types of body fluids. Shortly after the virus infection, its symptoms start appearing in the patient.

Hepatitis B infection spreads through these methods

If a woman has Hepatitis B infection and she gives birth to a child, then the child gets an infection. Oral, vaginal or anal sex also spreads Hepatitis B infection. Do not use the racer or tooth brush used by the person suffering from this disease, there is also a risk of infection.

Which people are more at risk of 'Hepatitis B'

If a person is suffering from diabetes then he is more at risk of getting Hepatitis. In addition, having gay sex can also spread hepatitis B. Different symptoms are found in different person infected with Hepatitis B. During this, the victim's eyes become yellow. Pain starts in the stomach and the color of urine becomes darker. Many people do not show hepatitis B symptoms. Especially in children if there is an infection. So it is very difficult to find out. If this disease persists for a long time, the liver stops working and becomes cancerous or a wound.

According to a survey, around 2 billion people worldwide are infected with Hepatitis B. This means that one in every 3 people is suffering from this virus. About 240 million people are suffering from chronic infection. This means that they can never get rid of this virus. About 7 lakh people die due to Hepatitis B every year.

Hepatitis B is a type of sweet infection. This means that the infection slowly spreads in people's body and suddenly takes a big form. Most people do not know that he is infected with this virus and dies suddenly. This is the reason why Dr continues to recommend regular checkups to everyone.

If the disease is treated by going to the right doctor in time, then its infection can be prevented to a great extent.

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