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Friday, December 4, 2020

Never do sex on the back seat of the car, know its side effects!

New DelhiIn today's era, a lot of people copy from the film world. It is shown in the films that actors and actors do lip-laps on the back seat of the car very comfortably. But sir, it is a film. The director allows them. Now you must also remember the scene of 'PK' in which the back seat of the car was used for sex. In that movie, when the car was having sex on the back seat, the car was moving completely.

While you think the glass is locked inside the car. So let me tell you that you cannot hide from the black glass of the car. The activity of the car is enough to let people know that something is going on inside. If you are caught in such a situation, what will happen then? Let us know how the end of this game of the car on the back seat ends .... 

Look at the car parked

You must be wondering who is peeping inside the car at this deserted place, then you are in a misunderstanding, sir. When a car is parked even in solitude, people still get noticed. Let me tell a story. Anoop and Priya, who once did a private job in Metro City, in love in the back seat, crossed their boundaries. People came to notice the activity of the car and then both of them had to go to jail. 

Don't tell friend

People take the support of friends to share their heart, but this thing can sometimes become a big danger for you. This means that you told your friend about that back seat and if he ever got angry with you, nothing could be revealed. He can make your videos void. So do not do it at all. 

Boy friends should be careful if they go on a date 

If you have ever gone on a date with your boyfriends, be careful. It is said that a person often senses with enthusiasm. This happened to Nikki and Raj once. They both went on a date. Both were in the car, playing a romantic song in the car. The two were immersed in each other's love. The driver driving the car, ie Raj's friend, was driving the car, he put a drunk bullet on the pretext of cold drink. So that both of them are not aware of what they are doing. That friend took advantage of this and made a video of the game on the back seat of his car and went viral. The brunt of which Nikki had to pay for her life. 

Do not say the last seat

It is often seen that cases like repose occur on the rear seat of the car. Such relations are formed by mutual consent only. Actually, having fun is not as easy as possible on the back seat of the car while driving. It is often seen that most of the incidents of rape are carried out in the back seat of the car. At the same time, Call's Goan Youth also uses the rear seat for the car. In such a situation, whenever four friends go on a tour together, it is already decided that one couple on the next seat and the other on the back seat, who keep changing later. But this back seat's sexy experience also falls on the women, so try not to say no to the back seat. 

Your remote in the other hand

If someone accidentally caught a video in the back seat of your car, then you will be in the grip of it for life. In such a situation, you will become a puppet in his hand. Then whether he demands money from you or the request of Sachs. You do not want to do this now but you have to do it. So you should be careful and avoid the back seat of the car. 

Money will be saved but tension will increase

Most people think that by having fun in the car, their money will be saved. If you have also thought of having fun in the car to save your boyfriend's money, then you are doing wrong. In such a situation, if someone's eye fell on you and a lot of people gathered there, then think what would happen. So avoid doing this. 

Talk will spread all around 

You know that if any neighbor has seen your deeds or the housemates have seen you, then later you keep giving lakhs of cleaning. To say that you will be completely maligned. Therefore, avoid doing so at all. 

Danger despite black glass

Even if your partner has black glass in his car and you are sure that no one will see anything, start having sex with partner, in such a situation, you can climb the hands of the police along with the eyes of the society. 

Discount on one's own honor

The partner to whom you are blindly handing over everything to him, do you know that he will cheat you. In such a situation, you will fall from your own eyes. With this, your personality, your career can also be destroyed. Recently, there were many cases of sex in the back seat of the car in the capital Delhi. Most of the girls were saxed and thrown into the road after being pushed from the car. If you also do not fall prey to such an accident, then sit in the car of a boyfriend on your own. 

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